Andrea Vocab Sanderson, Weston L Collins, Bernita Ward, 'Among' Those to Take Home Creator Awards

This years 'Creator Awards' was an amazing celebration of the amazing creative potential. It's been three years since Project Forward started celebrating uniquely passionate creators in San Antonio.

Some of the news was expected. Andrea Vocab Sanderson took home her 3rd Creator Award while Queen Sheena was the first Creator Award Winner not to live in San Antonio.

Here's the full list of 2019 Winners.

  • Album of the Year: Queen Sheena by Queen Sheena
  • Song of the Year: Ghost in the Trees by LaFemme Nakita
  • Performer of the Year: Andrea Vocab Sanderson
  • Book of the Year: Deorum Gods Among Us by Weston L Collins
  • Painter of the Year: Brenda Deyo
  • Comedian of the Year: Bernita Ward
  • Producer of the Year: Jeanne Johnson
  • Brand of the Year: Tha1Radio
  • Film/TV of the Year: GourJess TV
  • Entrepreneur of the Year: La Juana Chambers Lawson

The night of the awards was the first exercise of the group known as the 'Firestarters' featuring Jeneea Moore, Janie Terrazas, and Kinyo. Danielle Victoria introduced the performance of R&B Etasia.

Each winner was granted a certificate, a Rise Above TV voucher, and a 3-month membership to Project Forward. They also receive the right to have a Creator's License.

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