Getting Direction with the Visionary Behind DTC Time Machine and His Plan to Repurpose Content

Mr. Composition is the man behind DTC Time Machine LLC and when it comes to sustainability he holds the keys for San Antonio.

The word media is going out of the window. Much like it's child "social media" it is a work of fiction. I think of a more primitive western ideology that abhorred the decentralization of communication. Media is a disguised word for communication.

DTC Time Machine LLC CEO Mr. Composition talks about how he plans to approach communication more seriously.

The company plans to dominate all modern forms of communication, to hyper videos of Tik Tok, to the inspirational memes of Facebook. Look for DTC Time Machine content on Mr. Compositions pages. He also creates and stores data to share his, projects, other businesses, art studio, and market events.

Imagine being able to talk with a potential collaborator you never met. Imagine being able to work with someone who lives in another country.

The future that Mr. Composition is creating is one where we have the past, present, and future at our fingertips.

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