Kitchenscope and the Future Food Media with Chef Danielle Victoria - Kitchenscope

What you cook and serve people is highly dependent on the ability to source ingredients. One of the most overlooked ingredients is creativity. Midnight Bento dials up the chef and allows the deliveries to speak for themselves

We look forward to seeing Danielle Victoria explain more about what drives her to cook.

Kitchenscope is the new name for Danielle's test Kitchen.

Danielle also posts recipes/food pics on her blog, and has actual plates for sale from Midnight Bento.

Some of the Behind the scenes footage from her career have been captured by marketing agency DTC Time Machine. Including a few "time capsule" moments from the SATX Media Upfronts.

The kinda music we expect to be hearing in the test kitchen, also featuring one of Danielle's best friends Oh. Tae.

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