San Antonio is the Market in Focus For Project Forward Creator Goods and Services - Project Forward Merch

Project Forward was founded 5 years ago in San Antonio. It has not been a typical story of business success. While the business was registered immediately, the typical elements of a "business" have taken longer to manifest.

5 years later, the subscription platform still has not surpassed even 50 subscribers. What has happened is incredible. The company has evolved, through drought, failure, and many successes.

Now Project Forward is a multi-faceted communications platform. While the number of subscribed creators is taking it's time to grow. The company has produced dozens of events with hundreds of creators in San Antonio.

Along the way, the CEO, Kinyo, has transformed his own approach to art, and the company has been able to transform aspects of the San Antonio entertainment scene by investing thousands of dollars into local musicians, artists, consumers, and entrepreneurs.

Pairing up with rapper Mr. Composition, who has now founded an agency, changed the direction awakened a new focus in the company. As Project Forward began buying his book Ideas of Illusion and reselling them they realized there were many creators making great products and part of the company's mission of "futuristic communication" should be to make San Antonio aware of the merch they might not be getting access to if they don't attend local events in the city.

After San Antonio catches on then tell all of Texas, the U.S. the Planet!

That was the birth of Project Forward Merch. Project Forward Merch makes it possible for you to put in orders from merch in the REST vault, products from our communities of Creators.

The New Merch Page is adding products every day!:

The store will do a new campaign of commercials and release the first collection on 2/22/20 at the SATX Media Upfronts inside a health market taking place at a popular local Garden

For a while Project Forward Merch has been vending at select events. This year they plan to be available 4 days out ever week for San Antonio residents. We're thinking this small table won't be big enough much longer.

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