Mumsy's Kitchen: Taste of Africa

As living organisms food is essential for nutritional support. Essentially we need food to live. Beyond our primordial need for survival; food is of cultural and historical significance. Beyond nutrients, sumptuous taste and biological satisfaction, what we eat tells a lot about who we are and where we're from. 

In Nigerian cuisine the process of making and eating is an experience. It holds clues and secrets that informs the communal nature of Nigerians and Africans at large.
Take the palm oil for instance; the bright red oil that dances over virtually most Nigerian soups, it creates a beautiful red film over the array of several ingredients used on making the soup. Several colors sit beneath the red oil creating a beautiful work of art. The oil alone holds an endless tale of togetherness and communism. The tedious process of creating this oil is only possible when several members of the community work together in love and happiness. 

MUMSY'S KITCHEN hold these experiences. Each morsel dipped in that African soup gives you a tour of Africa in your mouth. So if you're in San Antonio stop by MUMSY'S and let the Chef and Founder; Buki give you a taste of Africa. Visit

Ofada Rice with beef and chicken 

Iyan with Egusi soup 

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