Musical Activism: Ceiba's lyrical war against environmental inequality.

Ceiba, a Texas based teacher and music activist is using her music to address not just environmental issues but giving a voice to the natives who are most hit by these issues. 

Musician, activist, composer and teacher, Ceiba emphasizes the need to listen and learn from indigenous people. 

"We link culture and social justice to sustainability because the Earth can only be sustained by understanding our innate connection to everything around us and listening to the ecological wisdom the ancestral cultures have always passed down."

Ceiba believes these native cultures and traditions hold information that helps to balance coexistence with the land without destroying the land. "reciprocity with nature, taking only what they need and offering something in return."

"What we do on earth is what we do to ourselves." As humans slowly destroy the earth we in turn destroy ourselves. Ceiba and her band Dharma Paax have created lyrics that probe environmental questions. 

Their native sound produced by a diverse array of indigenous musical instruments reconnects listeners with the sound of the earth. Musical instruments such as Indian mridangam drum, Andean pan flute, and Mexica (Aztec) ayoyotes combined soulful lyrics helps to visualize the sound of Dharma Paax. 
Photo: Guadalupe Acuña/Lupito’s Photography

Interestingly Ceiba points out the connection between climate change and social issues. Giving the example of mass migration Ceiba reveals that people migrate when the climate fails, when they can no longer live off the land. 

Although Ceiba's story of music and activism is inspiring it was borne out of pain. After being voted teacher of the year teaching low-income students in Texas, Ceiba had to resign due to hiring process in Texas.

Ceiba's connection with music has since created an avenue for the voiceless to be heard. 

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