Creator Awards 2021 Prizes and Announcements

This year's Creator Award winners will, have their name and link placed on the main page of They will be included on the side bar for one year. The side bar shows up on every single page, and the website got 4,000 views last year, and it's only going up!

2021 Winners!

Business: Angie K
Album: Nas
Single: Mr. Composition
Book: La Juana Chambers Lawson
Writer: Weston L Collins
Event: Kamitria Ballard
Producer: Jeneea Moore
Director: Zach Snyder
Film: Mark Phillips
Music Producer: Legacy City
Creator: Richard Wilmore
Influencer: Andrea Vocab Sanderson
Comedian: Clifton Simmons
Health: Veronica Leno
Art: Kwanzaa Edwards
Photography: Paul Hairston
Product: Kevin Prince
Humanitarian: SteelePoet
Community MemberSherril Metal
Resident: Julian Uribe
Podcast: Aisha Bello

Creator Award winners will also receive a CBD pre-roll specially made for artisans from

This year we are also creating a Creator Awards "Hall of Fame". 3 Projects will be selected for recognition, based on the unique innovation and creativity they stand for.

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